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I am a writer online, editor, and researcher specializing in educational, and work in domywriting service. Previously, I spent five years in marketing in the self-help and health.
Disorganized Information
If a reader has to hunt to find your technical skills or read a document two or three times to find out what you were doing from 2006 to 2008, your resume is not well organized. Create a logical structure for your resume and place your information within the appropriate category.
Irrelevant or Outdated Data
Irrelevant content distracts the reader from your true message. Remove ancient history because recruiters and hiring managers are more interested in your most recent ten years of history. Eliminate certificates, associations, and details of history that do not support your career goal. This gives you space to tout your most recent and relevant achievements.
No Achievements in Sight
This is the most common resume blunder, but one anyone can correct. A reader can look at your job title and make a very guess as to the basic functions for that job. However, the reader does not know how you did the job differently from any other person. What results did you produce? What ideas did you generate to improve operations? Those are items that you must include to distinguish yourself from the competition.