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E-cigarettes can be purchased at convenience stores. They can be purchased anywhere in Japan, but be aware that only a few brands are available.
This article introduces e-cigarettes that can be purchased at convenience stores. Also, please refer to the detailed explanation of the difference between e-cigarettes and heated cigarettes.
What is the difference between e-cigarettes and heated cigarettes?
There are three differences between e-cigarettes and heated cigarettes.
[list][*]There is a difference in the presence or absence of tobacco leaves
[*]They are treated differently under the law
[*]The nicotine and tar content is different[/list]
There are obvious differences between e-cigarettes and heated cigarettes. Let's take a closer look at them below.
Differences in the presence or absence of tobacco leaves
The major difference between disposable vape and heated cigarettes is the use of tobacco leaves.
E-cigarettes do not use tobacco leaves. Instead of heating tobacco leaves, vapers inhale vapors generated by electrically heating the liquid in the device or in a special cartridge.
Heated cigarettes, on the other hand, use tobacco leaves. Unlike e-cigarettes, these products heat tobacco leaves and the smoke produced is inhaled.
It is important to understand the major difference between e-cigarettes and heated cigarettes: whether or not tobacco leaves are used.
Different legal treatment
E-cigarettes and heated cigarettes are legally treated differently in Japan.
E-cigarettes are not "tobacco products" because they do not use tobacco leaves. Liquid is treated as a "pharmaceutical product" and the device as a "medical device.
On the other hand, heated tobacco sticks and liquid are made from tobacco leaves and are treated as "tobacco products. In addition, the special device for heating is sold as a "tobacco device.
Although they are considered to be the same tobacco, they are in fact completely different products.
Nicotine and tar content is different.
E-cigarettes and heated cigarettes contain different amounts of nicotine and tar.
E-cigarettes do not contain nicotine or tar in their composition because tobacco leaves are not used. They also do not emit carbon monoxide, which is produced when tobacco leaves are burned. However, safety is not always guaranteed.
On the other hand, heated cigarettes use tobacco leaves and therefore contain nicotine, tar, and carbon monoxide. Obviously, they are harmful to health.
Comparing e-cigarettes and heated cigarettes, e-cigarettes are probably safer.
Can I buy e-cigarettes at convenience stores?
In conclusion, e-cigarettes can be purchased at convenience stores. However, there are a few stores that do not carry them and a few products that they carry.
Here are four places where you can buy e-cigarettes.
[list][*]Few convenience stores carry them.
[*]Large supermarkets and department stores
[*]E-cigarette specialty stores
[*]Online stores[/list]
Let's take a closer look.
Few convenience stores carry e-cigarettes
Convenience stores are the most familiar places that carry disposable vape devices. In addition to heated cigarettes, an increasing number of convenience stores now carry e-cigarettes.
However, there are many stores that do not carry them in the first place. In addition, there are only a few types of e-cigarettes available.
In addition, convenience stores do not have professional staff. Therefore, it is also a disadvantage that you cannot ask for advice from professional staff.
If you are thinking of starting an e-cigarette business, we recommend that you purchase your e-cigarette at a specialty store rather than a convenience store.
Large supermarkets and department stores
E-cigarettes can be purchased at large retailers such as large supermarkets and department stores. Large-scale sales are more likely to carry them than convenience stores, making them a better place to purchase them.
However, like convenience stores, they have disadvantages such as lack of professional staff and after-sales service, and a small variety of products. If you are worried about your first purchase, we recommend that you buy at an e-cigarette specialty store.
Although it is impossible to say for sure because the products handled by each store differ, the variety and prices will be the same as those at convenience stores.
E-cigarette specialty stores
The best place to purchase e-cigarettes is at a specialty store. The staff will be able to give you detailed advice, and there will be a wide variety of e-cigarettes and liquids to choose from. Another feature of a brick-and-mortar store is that you can try out the product for yourself.
Another advantage is that some stores offer after-sales service, such as free maintenance. However, since e-cigarette specialty stores are only located in major cities, it may be difficult for those living in rural areas to purchase an e-cigarette.
If you live in a rural area and there is no physical store nearby, we recommend that you purchase from an online store.
Online store
If you live in a rural area where there are no physical E-cigarette specialty stores, we recommend that you purchase from an online store from disposable vape manufacturers. The attraction of online stores is that they offer an overwhelmingly large variety of liquids and devices.
Also, if you find a liquid or a body that you like, you can purchase it anywhere in Japan without visiting a store. However, you cannot try smoking them like you can at a physical store.
Some stores sell small amounts of liquid as a trial set at a low price. Trying sample products is also recommended.