The story of this Group starts at the beginning of the 20th century, when Genoa experienced a great shipping development with American and British oil and coal companies, as well as merchant banks and insurance companies, opening offices in our town.

The company was originally established in 1900 by Edmund Burke, great-grand-father of Enrico Burke, and continued its activity with the interruption of the second world war, under various styles, the best known being "John Burke Shipbroker", until 1961, when Enrico Burke and Giovanni Novi established "Burke & Novi".
At the beginning, Enrico Burke was mainly in charge of drycargo chartering and sale and purchase, whilst Giovanni Novi concentrated on the tanker market.

The backbone of the Company is represented by tanker and drycargo chartering, as well sale and purchase of vessels of any type including newbuilding contracting. Other important activities of the Company are: ship repairs, bunker and luboils supply, shipagency and special projects.
Since many years Burke & Novi issue a weekly summary of the most important facts and events in the market ("Notizie Flash della Settimana"), generally much appreciated not only in the shipping but also in the banking and industrial circles.

All the above is achieved through the assistance of first class and highly specialised brokers and traders and of skilled multi-lingual post-fixture personnel.

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  • City 16121 Genoa, GE
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