The Maritime and Logistic Services is the Erhardt Group’s longest-established business line and was the sector in which the company began trading in 1882.
With an extensive branch network in the main Spanish ports, Erhardt connects Spain with the five continents. It undertakes a complex logistics procedure to provide its customers with a “door-to-door” goods transport service.

Erhardt offers a wide range of services in the international transport sector:

* Regular shipping lines
* Chartering
* Integral logistics
* Ship’s operator
* Port agent
* In-port services
* Forwarding agent
* Transporting special goods

Erhardt has cutting edge technological systems that allow its customers to monitor their business online, thanks to the on-line services office that Erhardt runs in its different divisions to ensure the customers have access to the best services.

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  • City 48009 Bilbao (Vizcaya)
  • Street Ercilla 19
  • Phone +34 94 425 0100
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