Over the past 3 decades GLIMPEX has established itself as the leading brokerage house in the Middle Eastern region. GLIMPEX has nurtured close relationships with leading ship owners, operators, traders and co-brokers throughout the world. This value add is combined with our strong know-how after years of active involvement in all aspects of broking, from spot market fixtures to long term charters and contracts.

Our strength lies in the Broking and Chartering of Dry Bulk vessels and Oil Tankers. We fix all the major bulk carrier sizes and cover all trades. At present we handle cargoes of fertilizer, cement, wheat, rice, food grain, iron ore, coking coal, industrial coal, sulphur and also cargoes such as steel products and timber logs.

Value added in-house services include:


• Freight analysis

• Commercial management

• Project consultancy

• Port captaincy

• Offshore bunkering

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  • Country United Arab Emirates
  • City Dubai
  • Street PO Box 25854
  • Phone +971 4 348 3842
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