The Grieg Group has its beginnings in a long and proud maritime tradition. Today, the Group operates globally within a variety of business areas; shipping, global logistic services, shipbroking, maritime information systems, investment consulting and fish farming. The Grieg Group has about 1500 employees.

Our ability to adapt has given us a sound basis for growth and continued development.

Furthermore, the Group’s strong economic structure enables it to benefit other areas in the form of humanitarian, social, and cultural activities, which enriches our own horizons.

Our structure as a family owned business, together with the strength of our company culture and our dedicated employees, gives us the ability to always view our business on the long-term prospective, and be responsive to changes in our business environment.

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  • Country Norway
  • City 5804 Bergen
  • Street Postboks 234 Sentrum C Sundtsgate 17-19
  • Phone +47 55 57 67 00
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