At the present moment our company provides with the following services:

- Cargo transportation by sea transport;
- Cargo transportation by motor transport;
- Organization and accompaniment of railway transportation (Russia, Ukraine);
- Cargo transshipment through ports of Black, Azov and Baltic seas;
- Sea freight; full vessels management;
- Towage of units with dock weight up to 3000 tons within Black Sea;
- Ship repairs on shipyards of Ukraine;
- Procurement of marine provision and equipment;
- Consulting in the area of marine business;
- Purchase and sale of auxiliary and specialized boats;
- Vessels supplement with fuel and provision in Kerch strait.

"Marine standard" LTD has its permanent representative office in Kerch port (Ukraine), through which cargo from Azov-Black Sea region of Ukraine, Russia and Georgia are handled.

For handling cargo which goes by Danube river, company has its representative in Budapest (Hungary).

The data displayed was provided by MarineStandard.