The beginning of the company dates back to 1971, when Darío Amor Edreira founded Marítima y Comercial Gallega, S.A. (MACOGASA).This is the headcompany of the group which has enabled the development of the rest of management projects as well as the opening to new business in logistics and marine sector, refrigerating storage and overseas market advising.

Macogasaddy head office is located in La Coruña port, a few miles away from the most important intercontinental maritime line of routes.It is considered a central, busy spot which has excellent access to all the delivery ways to spain and to the rest of countries which comprise the European Union.

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  • Country Spain
  • City 15006 La Coruna
  • Street Muelle del Este s/n Edif DDY
  • Phone +34 981 177753
  • E-Mail -
  • Hours -