We provide services to: Chemical & Oil Tankers, Container Vessels, General & Special Cargo Handling, Dry Cargo Vessels in Thessaloniki and Nea Moudania. We also have representatives in all ports of Greece.

Chartering has been a prominent activity since the founding of the company, the department continuously develops charters for a diverse range of commodities including fertilizers, steel , timber, coke, and containerized cargoes.

Ship brokering

* Voyage charter
* Time charter
* Spot
* Sale and purchase of ships

Cargo surveys:

* Preloading survey
* Draft survey
* P&I marine investigation relating to cargo damages
* Cargo claims and reports

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  • Country Greece
  • City 555 35 Thessaloniki
  • Street Ampelonon Str 35
  • Phone +30 231 034 5696
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