#1 November 23 2017, 9:07

Russian FederationNikolayGamanov

Dear Developers,

Shipping Explorer would be very useful, if it will be possible to create Alert Zone Notification or Watching Zone Notification for defined ships (by name or MMSI-number) on non-stop basis. For example, I have 2 tugs in our port area, and I should to watch their movements. I install Alert Zone of Watching Zone for defined berth, and when tug comes to it, I get notification. But it works only one time, after one notification, this alert notification becomes inactive. So I need to create this notification again and again. And I have to control such movements on 5 areas for 2 vessels (indeed, 10 notifications needed). So, after each notification I should to create another one. It's very inconvenient. I purchased license only because of this option, but I was disappointed, that it works in this way.

I kindly ask you to look thoroughly into this matter in order to improve Shipping Explorer.

#2 November 23 2017, 17:36



ShippingExplorer Ltd.

Hello Nikolay,

Thank you for your suggestion.

That feature is on our ToDo-list and wasn't implemented yet because it isn't simply adding an option "every-time". This feature requires a completely new alert system on our servers for it to work. We're currently working on the new ShippingExplorer application version and following its release we'll probably see if we can add that new alerts option.

#3 November 24 2017, 12:41

Russian FederationNikolayGamanov

Hello Alex,

Thank you. Glad to hear that. Hope you can implement that option in the nearest future.