#1 September 1 2010, 8:14


Thorgaard Trading NUF

As I can see there is not any date for when the image is taken. Perhaps one field for that ore we write it in the description field, but if, in what format? Sweedish, Danish, German, English ore American?

#2 September 1 2010, 8:41



ShippingExplorer Ltd.

There are lots of interesting fields you could add to the form (date, port name, GPS coordinates, ...). But we wanted to keep the upload form as simple as possible and decided if the user wants to add any extra information, he could write whatever he wants in the description field.
So I guess you could put the date in any language you want... "1 September" etc. sounds quite similar in almost all languages, so I don't think that's gonna be a problem ;)