#1 July 20 2010, 6:21

United KingdomNickDavis

Please can you upgrade for Mac users please.... Thanks

#2 July 20 2010, 7:23



ShippingExplorer Ltd.

You posted in "Website" but I'm assuming you're talking about the client software for your computer?
Unfortunately, there are no plans to port our program to Mac OS.

However, you could still use something like Parallels for your Mac. Also, with a license you can see the maps here in real time (you'd still miss out on features like Track or Weather though).

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#3 July 21 2010, 18:35

Russian Federationdmitry

ShippingExplorer Ltd.

Parallels is a shareware, ShippingExplorer works just fine on Mac in freeware VirtualBox,


#4 August 25 2011, 11:41


One more Virtual Windows soft is vMare Fusion

Thank you, Oguz Gutelkin, for the advice! :)

#5 December 19 2011, 11:37


Dear Users of ShippingExplorer,

There is a more cost effective way to start using ShippingExplorer on your MAC - CrossOver.

#6 October 30 2012, 8:31


CodeWeavers Announces Flock The Vote Software Giveaway!
Get your Free copy of CrossOver, with 12 months support.

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