#1 December 7 2016, 21:56

New Zealandsnappernz


I'm new to shipping explorer but I noticed that around New Zealand it only shows vessels in three places Auckland, Bay Of Islands and Tauranga. I live in another part of the country and I know for a fact that there a large vessels operating in the area. It doesn't even show ships in the 3rd largest port in the country. Why is this?

#2 December 8 2016, 5:01



ShippingExplorer Ltd.

Unfortunately, our coverage in New Zealand is limited. In order for us to display vessels, we set up a receiver with an antenna in a port which looks for vessels within a few square kilometers. For now, we don't have enough receivers in that area and/or partners who can set up and operate those receivers.
If you want coverage in your area, check out the Free Access section for regions not yet covered by us.

#3 December 10 2016, 22:55

New Zealandsnappernz

What a pity. Thanks