#1 July 27 2016, 13:15


I posted a photo for the SVEALAND that I saw at Trondheim on 23rd June 2016. The port guide showed that ship there at that time.

However, there are 2 photos already posted there for a ship with the same name, registered in Hamburg, but it is nothing like the one I saw.

Is there another ship with the same name not on your list?
SLOMAN DISCOVERER: There is a photo of the SPIEKEROOG II posted against that ship.
Should we inform you, or mind our own business?


#2 July 28 2016, 15:20



ShippingExplorer Ltd.

I deleted the incorrect photos, thank you.
And yes, you can just report the incorrect photos and we'll delete them after checking. There's a report link iun the lower right corner on the photo page for each photo. If you're looking at a photo in the "photo viewer" (opens like a gallery on top of the web page with black transparent background) you can get to the photo page by clicking on the date of the photo underneath the username. This will take you to the photo page with the Report link.

#3 July 29 2016, 16:05


Thanks Alex,
I'll know what to do if I come across any others.