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Russian Federationdmitry

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These pictures of tornadoes over the water were taken from m/t 'NS Consul' on 19.08.2010 in anchorage area 416 near Novorossiysk.

Interesting facts : Contrary to popular opinion, a waterspout does not “suck up” water to great heights, though it may lift the water level a metre or so at its point of contact with the surface. It is suspected, but remains unproven, that waterspouts sometimes draw fish and frogs into its vortex and then drop them onto land, thus accounting for the reported falls of such objects. That's according to Encyclopedia Britannica.

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I edited your post so that previews of the photos are visible.
But these look really interesting. That last one looks surreal, almost like only something you'd see in a movie :)

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I would love to see something like that down here.

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Russian FederationTorgachkin

Novorossiysk (Tsemess) Bay, Black Sea

Black Sea. Novorossiysk (Tsemess) bay. August 19, 2010

Oil Terminal SHESKHARIS,
port Novorossiysk, Russia.
See more:
This is the view from my office window

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Very nice photos!