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Our Neat Fleeters Advise Small Businesses on Emergency Preparedness

How quickly your company rebounds from a tornado, fire, flood, or hurricane often depends on the emergency planning done ahead of time. The recent outbreak of natural disasters on the East Coast demonstrates just how important being prepared is. Here at Neat, we started to think that families and small businesses are in need of an emergency plan.

With that in mind, we hosted a virtual round table with our team of Neat Fleeters, a group of the country’s top professional organizers and business consultants, to determine the top 5 documents all small businesses should protect in case of emergency. The experts also discussed ways small business owners can prepare for an emergency.

As we suspected, 25 percent of the experts on The Neat Fleet team believe that the average small business is not at all prepared for an emergency. However, putting a plan in place will improve the likelihood that your company will survive and recover. All Neat Fleeters agreed that small business owners should not only have a plan, but all employees should be aware of the company’s procedures if an emergency should occur.

Neat Fleeters also recommended that small businesses back up and digitize important documents and information. Accountant, tax expert, and member of the Neat Fleet, Nicole Odeh discussed this very topic with the Bucks County Courier Times stating:

“With a lot of small businesses, they may work out of their home,” Odeh said. “We’ve been hearing a lot lately; basements have been flooded. I have a couple of clients who actually work in their basement. They lost everything. They have to make up that information for the year. The IRS is not going to accept, ‘I lost everything in the flood.”

If you don’t want to be a business with lost documents, our Neat Scan App Fleeters suggest digitizing and protecting the following files:

1. Legal Documents
2. Employee Information
3. Tax Information
4. Financial Files
5. Company Healthcare Information

A business owner can be better prepared if they plan carefully, put emergency procedures in place, and digitize important documents. In the end, preparing makes good business sense so that you can get back to business immediately.

Here are my solemn promises for the new year:

Become less attached to attachments. Most of the time, I open a file I receive via email and save it to my desktop. I’m pretty busy, so while this process was initially convenient, I now have a sea of files floating on my desktop. This year, I’m importing everything into my Neat Scan App digital filing system. I’ve created personalized folders so I can use scan apps and organize these documents alongside my scanned paper files. This way, I can quickly access all of my important information with a simple keyword search.
Bookmark pages – the Neat way. Whenever I’m bookmarking my fantasy football results or an interesting articles that I plan to read later, I find that it’s not long before my saved page links are taken down or I’ve forgotten about them. With Neat Scan App, I can save information from my browser directly into my digital filing system by Printing to Neat. And when I’m ready to read that saved article, Neat’s OCR (optical character recognition) and parsing technology allows me to search by keyword. I can also save web pages as PDFs and email web content directly to my co-workers.
How do you use Neat to eliminate your digital clutter?

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