The company currently manages a total of 400,000 dwt after some disposals of all our older vessels (Kavo Platanos, Kavo Delfini, Kavo Portland, Kavo Alexandros II and a New Building resale in ‘08).

The fleet currently comprises of 6 dry bulk carriers all built for our account and to our specifications: 3 Greek flagged Japanese sister Panamax vessels delivered in '99, '04 and '05, and 3 Supramax sister vessels delivered in ’09 and ‘10 ex-China flying a Marshal Islands flag,

Still pending is 1 large Panamax vessel of 83,000 tons will be delivered in ’10, from the same Japanese yard as the currently existing Panamaxes.

After delivery of the last new building, the Gourdomichalis Maritime managed fleet will have an average age of 3 years, making it one of the world’s youngest in this dry bulk segment.

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