S.T.I.C with experience, since 1997, in ship's operation and in particular the handy max and Supra max dry bulk cargo carriers is the official operator and commercial manager appointed by Messrs Arcadia Services Ltd (ASL) and by Messrs National Commodities Operators S.A ( NCO) for the business employment and operation of their fleet of vessels under t/c period







S.T.I.C has the control of managing day in and day out all operation matters at ports, during loading, discharging, prior sailing and while at sea, securing vessels smooth operation and managing vessels running costs effectively.

Both, Arcadia Services Ltd and National Commodities Operators S.A enjoy the uninterrupted vessels employment at this hectic market prevailing conditions at fair and profit making returns obtained via S.T.I.C's strategic planning, vessels positioning and employment through strong alliances with first class charterers and brokers alike. .

S.T.I.C monitors and de codifies the external factors which affect the freight market such as political and economical crises, oversupply of tonnage in major market centers, aid programmes and commodity requirements in developing countries.

The cargoes mainly carried are Iron ore lumps, Iron ore fines, Urea, Coal, Nickel ore, Steels, Agro products, Bauxites and some of the charterers which co operate with are, Messrs. Alpine Minmetals, Koch, SSOE, Ameropa, DLC, BTI, Radiant, Ray Metals, Ark, Cosco, Eastern Ocean Transport, Phaethon, Primetransport, Star Pacific Lines, Noble and many others.

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  • Ciudad 185 37 Piraeus
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  • Teléfono +30 6943 108283 Mobile.
  • E-Mail chartering@eshipownerstrust.com
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