We do COA's, period/trip/voyage charters, with Principals in Canada, USA, Bulgaria, Egypt, Denmark, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, S. Korea, Bangla desh, France, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Australia and China. We have also been involved in Sales of second hand tonnage from Europe and Far East to Middle Eastern clients, in association with Capt. Suri in Florida.

The office is fully computerized and the brokers have terminals at home which are connected to the office. This gives us the capability of offering a 24 hours service SHINC/FHINC. All of the offices are dialed into one database so the in and out Traffic to and from the offices is seen by the others. It is a virtual 24/7 Group, each covering the other, during their different weekends and time zones. This way, we have overcome the time differences and the disadvantages, which an office faces, in a particular time zone, working normal 9 to 5 hour days, working with principals based in other time

As a matter of fact this has been changed to our advantage. Our brokers in all the offices, talk to, and monitor the incoming traffic from home and office and are able to gather and disseminate information on opening of other time zones getting their orders and vessel positions processed and transmitted prior to opening of their time zones. Our contacts are established directly with Principals in the Mid-East and Far-East and they have access to anyone from our group 24/7. The group as such is in contact on a direct basis and our Principals have access to any one from the group 24 hours a day.

The above modality has greatly improved our post-fixture service. Apart from the usual Time Charters/Period businesses for Handy Size to Panamax we fix the following frequently:

· USG, Nopac,N France, Australia to Egypt - Grain in Panamax sizes
· Nopac,Australia to Dubai - Grain, Bauxite in Panamax size
· Nopac,Australia to India - Sulphur, coke/coal in Handy/Panamax
· Nopac, Australia, S. Africa, St. Lawrence to Iran - Grain
· Nopac to Indonesia - Grain, Sulphur
· Morocco, Jordan to Indonesia - Phosrock, Gypsum
· WC Mexico to Far East - Steel slabs in Handy sizes
· WC Mexico to Lakes/ St. Lawrence - Steel slabs in Handy sizes
· WC South America to Iran - Fishmeal in Freedom sizes
· WC South America to WC Mexico - Iron ore in Panamax Sizes
· Plate-Brazil to Iran - Grain in Panamax / Handy size
· Brazil to Iran - Ore in grab fitted Panamax / Handy
· Brazil, UK to Iran - Sugar in Handy sizes
· Brazil to Lakes - Steels
· Plate,Brazil to Egypt - Grain
· Plate,Brazil to Indonesia, Malaysia - Grain in Panamax / Handy
· Persian Gulf to Far East - Limestone, Iron ore, pellets
· Persian Gulf to India - Sulphur, urea etc. in Handy size
· Inter Persian Gulf Aggregates, ores, sands
· Persian Gulf to Morocco - Sulphur COA
· Black Sea to Far East - Ores, DRI, urea, steels
· Morocco to USG - Phosrock
· St. Lawrence, Lakes to various ports - Petcoke
· Caribbean to USG / Lakes / Continent - Steels
· Baltic, Continent to Lakes / St. Lawrence / USG - Steels
· SE Asia to USG / USWC / S. America - Steels
· Australia to India - Coal contracts

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