Beacon Beem Marine Co.
Is one of the most experienced marine supply company.

we have a very experienced team so we can prepare your order in such short notice.

We also can provide all items listed in IMPA, ISSA & kloska catalogs.

Of course since quality matters we make sure that your order gets the best packing it can be, so all your order be in good condition.

And when it comes to food product, we deal with expert in the market of food products, so we can get you the freshest and the longest expiry date.

We supply

Provisions and Bond Stores
Anti-Piracy Equipment
Carbon Steel
Carbon Steel Fittings
Chemical Pumps
Deck Fittings
Deck Hardware
Deck Machinery
Deck Mooring Equipment
Deck Scaling & Preparation Tools
Electric Power Cables
Engine Control
SSAS (Ship Security Alert Systems)
Safety Harness
Safety Ropes
Safety Whistle
Pipes & Tubes
Cabin-safety-stationary-deck-engine-chemicals coating-lashing equipment.
Mooring & Towing ropes
Steel wire ropes galvanized or not and its accessories.
Anchors, anchor chains, shackles and lashing equipment.
Marine chemicals and tanks cleaning materials.
Coating, painting and its equipment.
Personal safety and protective gears.
Marine and industrial fire fighting equipment.
Safety, IMO signs and rescue equipment.
Hoses, coupling and nozzles for marine and industrial use.
Marine electrical fittings
Electronics and navigational equipment.
Pneumatic and electrical tools(decaling, grinding Equipment)
Pneumatic and electrical pumps and winches
Hand and cutting tools
Measuring instruments
Metal sheets and bars
All types, shapes of bolts, nuts and washers
Carbon steel pipes tubes and its fittings
All types of marine and industrial valves
Packing and jointing materials
Welding and cutting equipment
Hoists of all types
Safety and Rescue Equipment
immersion suits
breathing apparatus
Fire extinguishers (foam, dry chemicals, CO2, inergen)
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