Erma Shipping Co., Ltd.
The history of ERMA Shipping Company ship’s agency service started in 1992. Experienced agents maintained all-round servicing of ships in the ports of Vladivostok, Nakhodka, Zarubino, Posyet, Olga and Nikolaevsk-na-Amure.
Currently the company takes the leading position in the market of ship’s agency service in the ports of Far East. Its specialists provide their partners with all kinds of guaranteed and reliable agency service:
Working in federal legal environment which changes very frequently demanded from company management to make arrangements for establishing close business contacts with all services and organizations participating in overseas transportation through the ports of the Far East. Today reputation of ERMA Shipping Company is supported with high professional level of its employees, long work experience in the agency service market as well as guaranteed high quality of service.
It was in 1993 when ERMA Shipping Company first offered cargo owners overseas transportation services. Back at that time specialists of recreated shipping department provided transportation of all types of cargoes from Chukotka up to Singapore and India.
At present time the structure of the company represents the classic model built according to the international standards. Uniform system, sensitive to the slightest changes of market situation, provides services in the sphere of overseas transportation, meeting both holding company needs and outside partners’ orders. This is the reason why the company partners’ list is being enlarged for dozens of new names every year. Magadan, Chukotka, Sakhalin, Kamchatka, Vanino – all those destinations of the Far East have already become home ports for Shipping Company ERMA.
Brokers of ERMA Shipping Company from freight and operating departments arrange coastal traffic and export-import transportation of timber, general and bulk cargoes all around the Far-Eastern and Asian-Pacific regions and guarantee execution of any orders made by freighters in internal transportations, around Asian-Pacific region and world-wide. The Nakhodka branch of the company also represents its interests.
Engineering service of ERMA Shipping Company is a ship-repairing subdivision whose main tasks are dock repairs, hull works, repair and replacement of metal structures, ship electrical equipment, pipelines of any ship systems, main and auxiliary diesels, ship machinery and engines, as well as coordination of ship’s engineering documentation with FEMRI (Far Eastern Marine Research Institute). Apart from covering internal demand for ship repair, experts of ERMA Shipping Company perform technical maintenance of all types of ships on partners’ order.
Types of services:

-all-round agency service, including carrying out the crew’s requests;

-providing ship owners and freighters with all necessary information;

-immediate procuring provision and technical supply;

-bunkering with fuel and water;

-tallyman and surveyor service arrangement;

-supervision of loading and unloading;

-providing repair works;

-immediate customs clearance;

-brokerage services;

-affreightment services;

-fleet operative management.

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