"MarCoNi" renders the services of attending to the vessels at Nikolayev Sea Commercial Port, Specialized Sea Port of "Oktyabrsk", Dnepro-Bugsky Sea Port, Nikolayev River Port, "Nika-Terra Co", and also Berdyansk Sea Commercial Port and other Ukrainian ports.
Close business relations with port authorities, governmental structures, forwarding, agency, ship-supply companies and crewing agencies allowed us to reach essentially new highest level in agency services. The range of our services becomes more wide day-by-day. We offer vessels bunkering, fresh water supply, provision & technical supply, any kind as well as other services.
You can fill in here the pro forma D/A request and in the shortest time to receive calculated proforma D/A for the vessels, calling Nikolayev ports.
You can get to know here the information required to make a call at the ports of Ukraine.

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  • Страна Ukraine
  • Город 54017 Nikolayev
  • Улица ul Faleyevskaya 24 Office 5,6
  • Телефон +380 51 247 4719
  • E-Mail chart@marconi.mk.ua
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