President Marine is channelling its energies into more diverse areas to cater to current shipping demands. As a result, the company has incorporated key offshore support services to its list of activities.

A major activity in this field is providing the offshore industry with vital support vessles to work effectively. To facilitate marine operations, President Marine provides barges, tug boats and supply vessels for charter. In addition, it also offers harbour and towing tugs, passenger, supply and diving support vessels which operate in this region.

President Marine’s subsidiary, Kaiji Singapore, also manages an Offshore Oil Logistics Base consortium, Camsin Corporation Pte Ltd in Sihanoukville, Kampuchea, where it provides logistics support for major investments in oil exploration and construction companies.

Another activity is submarine cable laying which involves laying, burying and repair of submarine lines for power and telecommunication under water. This highly specialised expertise has been met with instant success in the capable hands of President Marine and her related companies.

With the opening up of the Indo-China region, President Marine is confident that there will be greater scope for their offshore support services. The future looks even brighter for this sector as Singapore establishes itself rapidly as a centre for cable-laying operations.

Agency and husbanding services are also included in the company’s portfolio. With trained and proficient staff competent in the region’s port regulations, clients can trust them to see to their vessel’s in and out-bound rig and vessel clearance, immigration and customs’ procedures as well as off and on-shore support.

President Marine has also ventured into offshore oil platform construction projects. In this area, President Marine and her related companies have the confidence, equipment and expertise to meet the logistical demands of oil-exploration and drilling.

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