Hebei Ocean Shipping Co., Ltd. (now known as HOSCO GROUP) was established in 1980?and has mainly been engaged in global ocean transportation and ship management. Ever since the beginning of 1998, HOSCO GROUP has made great progress and outstanding achievements in its management, fleet growth and operation profit. With over 1800 staff, HOSCO GROUP has managed and controlled more than 100 vessels amounting to a total capacity of more than 10 million deadweight tons. There are also 28 vessels with 5.243 million DWT under construction. The carried cargoes mainly include iron ore, grain, crude oil and coal. In the rapid development, HOSCO GROUP has always persisted in “Ensuring Safety” as its core management concept, and has established a scientific and comprehensive quality and safety management system in accordance with ISO9001 and ISM Code. Apart from marine transportation and ship management, HOSCO GROUP has also diversified its business into international trading, ship agency, crew manning and freight forwarding and has established more than twenty subsidiaries in the main ports of Chinese mainland and Hong Kong.

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