You can have the full ShippingExplorer experience with all features and real time data for free!
There are several options for you:

You have your own AIS receiver and/or are using Ship Plotter / AISMon?

Send us your data stream and you will get your own personal ShippingExplorer license.

Contact us for further information.

Ship Plotter Download AISMon

You need data for your region but it is not yet covered by us?

Become our partner by providing a place to install an antenna, a small receiver and making sure we are receiving a live feed 24/7. We will provide you with a package with all necessary devices for free and even ship it to you. In return your region will be covered and you will also get your own personal ShippingExplorer license.

Please note that the antenna must be mounted in at least 50 meters height and the receiver will need a 24/7 power supply and internet connection.

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