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ShippingExplorer - Live Vessel Tracking
ShippingExplorer - Live Vessel Tracking
  • International Business House
  • Arkas Line Konteyner Taşımacılık A.Ş.
  • A.P. Moller - Maersk Group
  • Kuehne + Nagel International AG
  • Nomadic - Shipping, Chartering and S&P
  • Datema - Nautical Safety

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Productivity Tools

Zones and Alerts via E-Mail & SMS

You draw a zone on the map and once the specified ship(s) enters that zone
you'll be alerted via e-mail or SMS on your mobile phone.


Dozens of Filters

Filters help you see only vessels of a special kind. Many more dynamic filters were included such as the "Destinations"-filter ("Which vessels are going to Hamburg?"). These and many more filters can be found right next to the map.


Register Information

In addition to the live data we also provide further information about the selected ship. See when the ship was built, who operates it and much more.


Port Statistics

With ShippingExplorer you can see detailed statistics of a port. When is the best time and best day to arrive in Hamburg? or What kind of ships are there most?


Port Traffic

You can see which ships came in and went out on a specific day.


Route Calculator

You can easily plan your vessel's route by drawing its path on the map. ShippingExplorer will show you when your ship will arrive at route points and how much it will cost and how much fuel will approximately be consumed.

Track and Port

We record every step a ship makes so that you can later see when and where a ship was. You can even download the track as an Excel-file (time, coordinates, speed, course).

Nautical Charts, Satellite, Overlays

Display nautical charts for some regions over your map just like in your office. You can also use overlays such as marine profiles or the Sea Marks of the OpenSeaMap.

Port and Sea

See the current and upcoming weather conditions (including temperature, wind, pressure, ...). A map overlay with wind or waves can be displayed.