INGE STEENSLAND AS was founded in 1960, specialising as shipbrokers in the small tanker segment. From the early 1960's INGE STEENSLAND AS played an active role in the development of gas transportation.

Today INGE STEENSLAND AS is a leading shipbroker within LPG, LNG, ammonia, petrochemical gases, liquid chemicals and clean petroleum products. Our services comprise:

Chartering - a significant market presence and coverage in our core segments
S&P/Newbuilding/ Project - hands on approach to all aspects of S&P / project investment or disinvestment
Post fixture / Operations - dedicated and highly experienced commercial operators
Research - at the forefront of the market

In addition to Inge Steensland AS in Oslo, we have also established Inge Steensland Singapore Pte Ltd with dedicated chemical chartering team and gas desk.

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  • Country Norway
  • City 0111 Oslo
  • Street Postboks 1254 Vika Fr Nansens Plass 7
  • Phone Fax : +47 22 41 25 81
  • E-Mail istank@stee
  • Hours -


  • City Singapore 049482
  • Street 25 Church Street #03-01 Capital Square Three
  • Phone (+65) 6536 1662
  • EMail -
  • Hours -