From the moment we decided to form our Company, our aim was to operate totally independent, without any backing, so that we could have the freedom to communicate with the people who believed in us and wanted to support us.

There were many friends in the industry that considered our move very risky, as they felt that our timing was wrong and that without any backing, it would be very difficult, if not impossible, to succeed. It is true that these opinions made us very sceptic whether our goal would be achievable. However, we were young and dedicated and we did believe that our know-how and our energy would help us to overcome all the problems that could arise.

Our decision has been fully justified from the results and 35 years later, we still operate with the same success and in the same friendly and co-operative way that kept us in the industry for all these years, establishing simultaneously a first class reputation all over the world. The only difference is that we now carry the additional experience which gives us the incentive to look for new friends and co-operators.

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