MARIMPEX SP. Z O.O. is a company established in 1993 and developing the activity world-wide in the scope. Our company co-operates with shipowners, shipyards and agents on Scandinavian, German, Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia), Polish, Ukrainian and Russian markets. Our activity is not limited to above-mentioned regions only and we enjoy a successful partnership with companies world-wide, i.e. from Portugal, Cyprus, India, Thailand, Singapore, Korea, Colombia, Peru, Canada, etc.

MARIMPEX SP. Z O.O. is a dynamic team of specialists dedicated to service excellence and high standard in their work for the partners and customers.

Our aim is to provide the most cost-effective and fastest service in order to ensure the highest profitability of our partners and customers business performance.

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  • Country Poland
  • City 81-339 Gdynia Poland
  • Street uI Polska 13
  • Phone +48 58 627 4681
  • E-Mail -
  • Hours -