Medex is a privately-owned container shipping line which appeared on the scene in 1996 in response to the ever-increasing demand for feedering services by larger lines who wished to extend their reach within the Mediterranean. Born as part of the Ripard Group (Malta) the company could immediately rely on the experience and resources accrued in a hundred years at the heart of the Mediterranean shipping industry. Starting with one 180TEU Container vessel the company's initial objective was that of serving the Maltese market, nevertheless riding on the tide of increased trade within the region and backed by an impeccable reputation with both customers and major shipping lines, Medex's outward expansion was inevitable.

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  • Country Malta
  • City Valletta, VLT 01
  • Street 22 Lascaris Wharf
  • Phone +356 2124 5607
  • E-Mail -
  • Hours -