New England Tanker Chartering, Inc. (NETCO) specializes in marine brokerage for liquid bulk chemicals, vegetable oils and lubricants in both spot chartering, and longer term contracts of affreightment (COAs). Our ability to understand freight markets has made us the preferred choice for many of our customers on period charter, sale and purchase and financing ventures.

Spot Chartering and Contracts of Affreightment
Our customer portfolio gives us a balanced mix of producer and trader business. This gives us the ability to analyze developing trends in the contract and spot markets. With contracts, we determine the overall strength of a market and the amount of spot space available for a specific trade lane. Spot cargoes give us the pulse of the market and determine what freight levels will allow product to move. Grasping both markets, we can give reliable advice to our customers on how to secure their future requirements.

Period Charter and Sale & Purchase

Through our expertise in the movements of chemicals around the world, we have a unique opportunity to advise customers on time-charter and S&P trends and which way freight markets are going to go. We broke on to the timecharter and s&p scene in the early part of the decade when we put several vessels on timecharter. This is one area we are growing rapidly. These advances have led to several opportunities in financing.


Netco offers an extensive range of regular and on-demand reporting services including:

* Weekly Market Report
* Monthly Market Report
* Historical Freight Graphs
* Tradelane Studies & Recommendations
* Commodity Data and Analyses

Some of these reports are available online in our reports section

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