Samer & Co. Shipping traces its origins back to the year 1919, when Ellerman & Wilson Lines Agency Company Limited of Trieste was founded by the British maritime transport giant EWL.
For many decades "Ellerman & Wilson" operated with their own vessels to many international destinations.
In 1932 the Trieste branch office was appointed LLoyd's Agent and in 1972 obtained appointment from the Institute of London Underwriters.

In 1981, further to an overall reorganisation of the international EWL group, the capital shares of Ellerman & Wilson Lines Agency Co. were taken over by the Trieste shareholders, under the guidance and direction of the Managing Director Mr. Dario Samer, who had joined the company already in 1952. In 1985, the company style was changed into Samer & Co. Shipping S.r.l., Trieste.

Since the early 80's, chairman Dario Samer is assisted in the Company's management by his son Enrico (commercial and operations manager) and daughter Lilli (insurance and administration manager).

Today, the Samer group is operative, with their own offices, in the Italian ports of Monfalcone, Porto Nogaro and Ravenna, as well as in the Eastern Adriantic at Koper (Slovenia), Rijeka (Croatia), Durres (Albania), Bar (Montenegro), Belgrade (Serbia) and Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia). The offices of Koper, Durres, Bar, Belgrade and Ulaanbaatar are appointed Lloyd's Agents.

The company also operates with the support of a network of subagents throughout Italy. The group as a whole comprises some twenty companies.

Samer & Co. Shipping acts as correspondent to the majority of International P&I Associations and claim-settling agents to cargo underwriters world-wide.

All operations are co-ordinated by the Trieste head office, with a staff more then 100 experienced, multilingual employees dealing efficiently and professionally with all aspects of shipping and maritime activities.

As ship agents, Samer & Co. Shipping represents various State and private-owned shipping lines. Thanks to the variety of lines represented, the organisation is fully acquainted with all aspects of the most moderhn methods of cargo handling and shipping and is well introduced with the importers, exporters and forwarding agents throughout the Central European hinterland.

The following ferry lines are operated at the Ferry Terminal: Trieste/Pendik (Istanbul), Trieste/Ambarli and Trieste/Cesme (Izmir), mostly dedicated to TIR trucks moving between Europe and Turkey, for a total transit of more than 200.000 - vehicles per year. The ro-ro ferry line is served by 14 vessels offering 15 sailings per week. 3 RO-LA trains are departing from Trieste Port to Salzburg every day.

The Samer Group acts also as international forwarding agents, specialised in the coordination and transport of exceptional cargoes. Our principal client in this field of our activity is the Wärtsilä Finland Group, the leading international power suppliers for ships, offshore installations and power plants.

Samer & Co. Shipping also operates the Trieste Cruise Terminal, which is also used as a congress centre located in the Customs port, in the heart of Trieste.

In this respect, Samer & Co. Shipping has under grant a large and well-equipped area in the wester side of the Cruise Terminal. This area acts as terminal and ticket office to both international cruises as well as short-distance car and passanger ferry lines operating between our gulf and the nearby coastline of Slovenia and Croatia. The terminal also hosts accessory services such as tourist information desk, automobile hire services. VAT tax reimbursement point, fuel supply, etc..

Samer & Co. Shipping are licensed customs brokers, to ensure in-house attendance to all customs clearance formalities. A special department attends to insurance covers in all fields, as agents to SASA - one of the major Itaian underwriters recognised on the international market.

The strenght of almost a century of experience is powered by a spirit of improvement and innovation, so that the Samer group is in perpetual growth and evolution.

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