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Your College Application Essay

The college boards admission essay is important. Yes, grades and your school record are important as well, however the college boards still consider the essay an intricate part of admissions. Once they have gone through academics and separated students out by grades and extra curricular activities, after that the essay is scrutinized. This means that the essay makes the difference in getting into a particular college or not. This is what can tip the scales in your favor when applying to a college. Many students are ready to buy assignment because this essay can be decisive in their life.

Why Us Essay

The why us essay is when the school wants to know why you want to go to that college and why you have chosen the degree or career path you are taking. They want to know your goals, your commitment level and what you are looking for long term. The advantage of this type of essay is that it is very focused already and a very direct question. Your should still give a very well thought out and clear answer to the question, however the answer will not go off in multiple directions as easily. The down side can be that you do need to do the research. If there are errors in the essay when it comes to facts, then it will become obvious that you did not think about your answer clearly.

Creative Essay

The creative essay is to write creatively on the topic given. They want to see your creative writing abilities and how you are able to express ideas in a creative manner. This takes into account your own knowledge and education, while expressing who you are through the essay. You can find good examples of such works on the company's website This is a great essay for showing who you are, your personality and your views on a topic or subject. However, be careful not to get caught up in obscure thoughts and ideas. It is not a free for all when writing, you still need to stay focused and clearly express the ideas and have supporting evidence for your thoughts and feelings.