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Beams are an integral part of building, as they provide the support for structural structures between two spaces. They can be constructed from wood or metal. In this article, we'll be discussing wood beams along with their features and their uses.
Wooden beams are utilized more frequently than those made of metal due to their lower cost yet robust. They offer structural support for decks, floors, ceilings and walls, as well as roofs and garages.
Different wood beams are available in a variety of shapes and finishes and can be made to order. We've come up with the list of different kinds of structural wood beams to let you know more about their characteristics as well as their advantages and disadvantages.
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Types of Structural Wood Beams
1.Finger-jointed Wood Beams
When we discuss the various kinds of wood beams we must talk about finger-jointed wood beams. They are constructed from several pieces of short solid wood that are joined. They are built along the length of the wood and are joined using finger joints. Finger-jointed wood beams are made in lengths of a long duration that offer the strength and durability. This beam-making method is environmentally friendly since you make use of wood which would otherwise go to the side.
2.Solid Wood Beams
Wooden beams that are solid are among the most stunning beams available. They are, as the name suggests they are constructed of solid wood. The woods used for beams made of solid wood include alder poplar, poplar and walnut mahogany, and oak. The beams made of solid wood are extremely robust and can withstand a lot of loads. They can be used to construct your outdoor space or even have beams that are exposed inside, which will make your home attractive and welcoming. They are available in different dimensions and look different based on the type of wood you select.
3.LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) Wood Beams
LVL wood beams are part of engineered wood beams more specifically, the structural lumber. They are made by assembling many tiny layers of wooden using adhesives. They are extremely durable and offer an excellent structural foundation. A lot of users use LVL beams of wood for construction. However, they're not the ideal choice for load-bearing in the outdoors.
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4.LSL (Laminated Strand Lumber) Wood Beams
LSL timber beams is among the priciest engineered beams. The type of wood beam is comprised of the wood veneers and flakes or stands that are layered and joined with a water-resistant adhesive. They are commonly used for commercial, residential, and industrial construction, however you can also utilize them to frame structural structures. LSL beams are sturdy as well as water and fire-resistant and, if properly installed they'll also be resistant to decay and rot. LSL beams are another beam that's beneficial for the environment.
5.PSL (Parallel Strand Lumber) Wood Beams
PSL wooden beams constructed of engineered wood. Similar to the two other types that we have mentioned, PSL wood beams are constructed by joining two wood stands using a water-resistant adhesive. They are strong and durable and are suitable for all kinds of construction. PSL beams aren't prone for shrinking, twisting or bowing, meaning they won't be worrying about support. They can be used both for the outdoor and indoor structural support. Because you can make use of waste materials to construct PSL beams they are also environmentally friendly.
6.Glued Laminated Timber Beams (Glulam)
Timber beams that are glued laminated are wood beams which are commonly referred to as the glulam. Manufacturers join wood laminates in a similar strength level using moisture-resistant glues to produce this kind of beam. These beams are strong and superior to regular steel beams due to the fact that they are healthier for the environment and serve the similar function. They are typically used for construction of sports structures as well as religious structures and bridges. They are made in a variety of dimensions based on the requirements of your project.
7.Prefabricated Open-web Joists
Prefabricated open-web joists are great option for structural support and the construction done by expert engineers. These are the joists used by people to create flooring for their home. Their primary benefit is that they offer wide spaces that permit the flow of wiring, pipes and other mechanical components of the structure. This type of beam will take less time to install but will still be robust and offering the necessary support. Open-web joists that are prefabricated can be made to order and you are able to select the dimension you need.
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