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Archive Specific Emails From Yahoo Mail First, enter your Yahoo Mail account in any browser. Next, choose and open the email that has to be archived.

Select the Print option by selecting the three dots from the top menu.

Finally, click the Save option to save emails to your hard drive.

Page: Imap backup tool | Gmail backup software

Archive emails using POP/IMAP settings

Configure Yahoo Mail to work with a desktop email client like Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, etc. You may access all of your emails in offline mode after setting them.

Limitations of Manual Yahoo Mail Archiving to Hard Drive Techniques

Using the manual methods described above, saving Yahoo email to disc has several restrictions.

It is simple to put these techniques into practice. It's challenging to back up each email individually if your Yahoo account has many messages. Transferring your Yahoo inbox to your hard disc costs money.

Additionally, you may synchronize your account with email programs like Outlook, Thunderbird, etc. However, keeping a lot of important information in your memory for your mailbox may result in data loss.

You won't have the option to store the Yahoo attachments with your email if you download the Yahoo email to your local hard disc in Word. You couldn't save all of your information at that moment, and you lost your attachments.

Therefore, we advise using an automatic third-party backup program to get around these restrictions.

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