An international firm of ship surveyors and marine consultants. Specialists in pre-purchase ship inspections, classification history checks, P & I, condition and bank valuation surveys. Aalmar can offer all marine consultancy projects from any of the following bases:

Europe: London, Paris, Genoa, Odessa, Madrid, Antwerp, Athens, Istanbul
Middle East: Sharjah, Dubai, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia
South Asia: Karachi, Mumbai, Chittagong, Colombo
Far East: Singapore, Tokyo, Shanghai, Bangkok, Seoul
USA. & Canada: Houston, New Orleans, New York, Vancouver BC
Southern Hemisphere: Durban, Capetown, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Adelaide, Melbourne

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  • Country United Kingdom
  • City London
  • Street 9 St Clare Street
  • Phone +44 (020) 7488 9761
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