McQuilling is a privately-owned marine services company, providing transportation services to clients in the shipping, commodity and financial services industries. We represent broad commercial experience and are one of a select few firms that sit on both the International and the Asian Baltic Exchange Tanker Route panels.
The Company

Formed in 1972, McQuilling Partners, Inc. offered ship-brokering services to the tanker industry from offices located in Manhattan. Serving an increasing number of U.S. and international charterers, the commitment to quality, service and reliability remains unchanged, even as the client base continued to expand.

A comprehensive global contact network, combined with state-of-the-art, integrated information management and market intelligence systems, provides the basis for our market acumen.

The Chartering Group represents an extensive collection of experience and international backgrounds. On average, brokers have well over ten years of commercial experience and many over twenty. Several languages are spoken fluently in the group. We regularly communicate with about 70 Charterers worldwide, and are closely aligned with U.S. and international tanker owners.

We work directly to secure appropriate business for their fleets, speaking with about 150 different firms on a regular basis. Concluding about 2,000 contracts annually, the Chartering Group stays abreast of the rapidly changing global oil and tanker markets through a worldwide contact network and state-of-the-art integrated information management system.
Freight Forward Agreements

GFI/ McQuilling execute annual transactions of approximately 105 million tons of crude FFAs, and 70 million tons of clean FFAs.

Through our joint venture with GFI established in 2005, we actively participate in the wet tanker freight derivatives market (FFAs) in order to provide shipping companies, charterers, and derivatives traders a single point of access for all their financing, chartering, and risk management requirements.

GFI/McQuilling provides forward freight agreement (FFA) brokerage service for more than 100 clients worldwide. These are served from dedicated derivatives desks in London, New York, and Singapore where experienced brokers provide round-the-clock coverage for the worlds leading oil and shipping companies supported by a physical broking presence in each of these major centers. The wet freight derivatives brokerage desk is co-located on the floor with McQuilling physical freight brokers in New York.

After four years of providing derivative expertise to the wet shipping market, we find ourselves in a sophisticated, truly global marketplace with the substantial potential for further growth.
Operations & Administration

Experienced McQuilling operations and support staff are involved in all aspects of voyage execution and post-contract activities. A McQuilling-designed proprietary information technology system for the creation and maintenance of “virtual” voyage files provides an integrated repository of critical voyage information at operator’s fingertips 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We provide demurrage claims management as a separately-administered function in the operations group as part of our comprehensive post-fixture support for clients. Our aim is to assist in the presentation and settlement of claims in a timely manner, keeping in mind applicable time bars and key dates.
Newbuilding, Sale & Purchase & Projects

The Newbuilding, Sale & Purchase and Projects Group consists of several core members with additional resources provided by senior members of the company.

We offer expertise across a broad range of areas such as: Sale and purchase of marine assets, including new building, resale, and demolition; Merger and acquisition of marine organizations and/or assets; and Financing supply.

McQuilling has business relationships with many major financial institutions and investors. Our portfolio of financial sources provides our client base with a broad spectrum of financial and investment capabilities spanning the public and private, debt and equity markets. McQuilling works with many Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Indian and Vietnamese new construction shipyards directly through our newbuilding desk. We also have relationships in other shipbuilding centers around the world for the development of new building projects in the shipping sector.
McQuilling Services, LLC.

McQuilling Services, LLC is a business consulting enterprise formed to provide services to clients for global transportation of goods.

A diverse and flexible organization close to the marketplace is key to meeting the changing needs of our clients in a business environment that is today characterized by ever increasing complexity and competitiveness.

We draw on our unique internal expertise and exceptional industry partners from around the world. This collaborative business model produces a team of directed experts that bring successful closure to clients’ business transactions. This innovative approach allows for a much higher caliber and more focused experience profile to be deployed relative to the cost of more traditional business consulting models.

We provide services in the following areas and encourage inquiry for unique requests:

Management Consulting

Market Research

Business Development

Ship Finance Advisory

Marine Logistics Analysis

Ship Repair & Construction Advisory

Information technology

Personnel Training

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