NMA Maritime is taking the lead in the new era of Semi-submersible Heavy-lift Shipping. COSCO and NMA have enjoyed a long and successful relationship in serving the transportation and installation requirements of the offshore industry. COSCO has entrusted the worldwide commercial management of its semi-submersible heavy-lift fleet exclusively to NMA. The COSCO-NMA Team leads with state-of-theart solutions to marine transportation.

NMA Maritime was founded more than thirty-five years ago as a service company to the shipping industry. The services provided by our internationally experienced and highly professional staff include global marketing, chartering, technical support, ship sale and purchase.

NMA specializes in the handling of heavy-lift cargoes and has a long and widely recognized track record of providing safe and fast transports and installations of a variety of large offshore equipment by means of Float-on/Float-off, Roll-on/Roll-off and Lift-on/Lift-off operations. We have dedicated ourselves to serving our clients’ needs and we consult and coordinate closely with clients to ensure that their requirements are fully met.

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