Oost Atlantic Lijn

The principal activity of Oost Atlantic Lijn BV is world-wide shipping, an area of specialisation in which it boasts quite a tradition already.

Today the company owns 5 modern seagoing vessels. With this fleet, a diversity of cargo is being transported right around the globe, including bulk cargo, general cargo and containers.

Besides the management and exploitation of the company's own fleet, Oost Atlantic Lijn also handles the chartering thereof, as indeed it does for ships owned by other companies, based on chartering contracts world-wide. The management of ships owned by third parties and the execution of nautical and technical supervision of those vessels is part of the OAL services package.

In addition, the company handles customs clearing for seagoing vessels entering via Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Flushing etc. through its own Agency Department, which is on standby 24-hours-a-day.

Finally, there's the company's Travelling Department, which arranges air travel for crew from and to ships world-wide.

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  • Country Netherlands
  • City 3195 KS Rotterdam
  • Street Tarwezand 2-20 Pernis
  • Phone +31 10 231 4444
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